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What you can expect from GoodSense.

At GoodSense we’re reinventing marketing as an ethical, 21st Century force for good. We only work with organisations whose products and services make things better for people or nature, as well as profiting shareholders.

Our business delivers the best possible marketing support to our clients and enables our expert team to do great work without the exhaustive stress of corporate life.

We’ve built and proven fast, effective ways to tailor marketing approaches to your goals, your business and your market’s needs. With at least fifteen years’ experience of what works and the formal training you’d expect, all our marketing consultants deliver expertise you can trust.


Our principled approach to business means we can promise you:

  1. No surprise invoices
  2. No agency overheads
  3. No cookie-cutter solutions
  4. No door-stop documents
  5. Just the very best advice we can give you, based on everything we know


GoodSense isn’t an agency or tied to any design, development, media or production suppliers. We’re free to work with your current providers or introduce people we trust who will invoice you directly for any work.

This saves you costly mark-ups. It also means our commitment to you is never compromised. You can always trust us to recommend what we would do if we owned your business.


When you first meet GoodSense, we’ll work with you to understand which of our marketing consultants will be the best fit for you and your project.  If you’re happy with the match, your consultant will work as if they were your in-house marketing expert, to agreed fees, on a freelance basis. You get to sign everything off. As well as delivering the plans or programmes you need, your GoodSense consultant will support, challenge and inspire you, and your team.

GoodSense operates a peer-review model with one of our Directors involved in every client. This ensures you get rigorously developed recommendations and continuity you can rely on.


GoodSense marketing consultants operate from a national network of home offices, so our overheads are low and we can hit the ground running. You don’t need to find a space for us but we’ll come and see you as often as you want. Your marketing consultant can work alongside your in-house team or focus on separate projects, whichever is right for you.

What it costs

GoodSense operates on a ‘no surprises’ basis. All work will be estimated in advance and delivered to the budget agreed. You can choose fixed-price project fees, or retainer-style arrangements, which ever suits you best. Our flexible approach means we can work to suit your budget and your priorities. Whether you have $5,000, $15,000 or $150,000 to invest in a project with us, you can be confident your marketing is in expert hands. GoodSense does not clip the ticket or mark-up external costs, unless specifically included in our proposal. Third party costs for web development, design, photography and print would be invoiced directly to you by that third party supplier.


With our roots in the outsource marketing service our founder began in 2001, GoodSense has been delivering ethical marketing excellence for clients since 2010. Our collective team experience is sharpened every day by insights from working with clients throughout the country.

Read more about our track-record or, to put us to work on your business, contact us today >

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