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Once you have a clear brand strategy and key messaging agreed, it’s time to get selling. For companies who sell to other businesses, through their own sales team or via a reseller channel, this package of sales tools will give your team the resources they need to be effective at each stage of the sales cycle.

Sales Brochure

A sales brochure can be used as a handout at a trade show or expo, as part of a conference or seminar attendee pack, or a component in a direct mail campaign. A brochure can be part of your response to an inbound telephone enquiry, the follow up to an outbound telemarketing cold call, and as a ‘leave behind’ after a sales meeting. Using your agreed key messages and brand strategy we can write briefs for a versatile and compelling sales brochure to clearly communicate the key benefits and outcomes you provide. We can then source, price and project manage the design and production for you, giving you an expert result, easily.

Project Management: $3,490 + GST

Sales Presentation

A short, sharp and memorable sales presentation can be a useful tool for your sales representatives in meetings with prospects. Ideally this should be something you can customise and personalise to create a lasting impression. Make sure your team know the key benefit messages and can deliver them without reading notes. If they need a presentation make it short, visual and memorable. ban bullet points because as this research shows, if people are reading they’re not listening so well. Use compelling images or video to bring your offer to life. It should have the flexibility to use with a group of decision-makers and influencers, or to support a one on one discussion with your prospect and can be as simple or as multi-dimensional as your budget and your target market demands. GoodSense can provide expert planning and project management of design and production, collaborating with you and your sales agents to get a result that will work.

Project Management: $1,595 +GST

Sales Proposal

All going well, at the end of the sales meeting or soon after, you’ll be asked for a formal sales proposal with more detail, including pricing, timing and other ‘fine print’. Traditionally, sales materials have been printed but now digital delivery, online or as a PDF, can be as effective and more convenient for customers on the move.

In today’s competitive world where small New Zealand companies are often competing with international brands for tight budgets from conservative decision-makers, it’s imperative your sales proposals are first class. The content must align with everything you’ve learned about your prospect to date and everything they have learned about you. Your proposal needs to look great, be clearly laid out and easy to understand.

Your client contact is already a convert, but the final decision-maker may never have heard of your company. Success rests on your proposal answering all their questions and speaking on your behalf. We can bring out expertise to help shape and project manage template design and production, helping give you the best opportunity to succeed.

Project Management: $2,995 +GST

How we can help

GoodSense can manage design and production of all three sales tools above, as if we were your in-house marketing department, for just $7,950 +GST. We’ll prepare a creative brief for your graphic designer (or suggest two or three you may prefer to use). We’ll co-ordinate all the elements of the content including copywriting, sourcing logos and other images, commissioning photography and/or videography. We’ll project manage everything right through to completion.

We can also train your sales team how to use their new sales toolkit and sell in a way that represents your brand and uses your key messages. To find out more about giving your sales team the tools they need or to talk about training and coaching options, contact us today.

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