Search engine optimisation on your website – for brand and results

Your website copy needs to work for people and for search. It needs to sing your brand story, sell your services and deliver search results.

The way your webpages are described in search results should also be optimised through crafting of your metadata. Your website needs to appear in search results and get clicked.

Everything from the order words appear in your headings to the file names you use for your images can help improve search results.

If you ask us to help with your web copy we first review how any key word phrases you currently use are working. We’ll then identify how we can best use them on the website and what gaps there are, given your brand messaging and business goals. We’ll research and recommend the key word phrases to fill the gaps.

We’ll then write copy which reflects your established brand messaging, effectively promotes your products and services and works in search results.

This unique GoodSense approach, combining your current brand messages with effective online sales copy and on-site search engine optimisation delivers impressive results for clients.

GoodSense can:

  • Review current results
  • Research 3 clusters of search terms
  • Plan how to best use them on your site
  • Write page title and page description metadata for 6 web pages
  • Write copy for 6 web pages including headings, links, captions, Alt tags etc
  • Undertake one round of amends if needed and
  • Quality check the load of the copy to your site (done by a developer or editor)

for $4,750 + GST

To find out more about this or get budgets for different sized projects contact us >

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