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Expert help with your go-to-market, branding, and distribution strategies

One day you’ll have marketing smarts in your senior management team and on your board but, for where you’re at right now, working with the strategic marketers at GoodSense will fill that gap. Like you, we want to change the world!

Problem is…..radical innovations and disruptive technologies often require a big investment in market education and demand generation – a process which can be slow, expensive and take longer than ideal. Frustratingly, potential buyers may take months or even years to properly understand what your innovation can provide. We’ll help minimise your wait time and your investment so they ‘get it’ super quick.


Powerhouse Wind

There’s also pricing to consider, your distribution strategy and branding. You need to understand not just where your product fits – how it compares to currently accepted practice and incumbent providers – and the barriers to adoption. We can help you persuasively articulate your value proposition using clear and compelling language which resonates with their issues, wants and needs. We’ll help to clearly articulate the value you deliver, in a way that hits potential customers right between the eyes.

GoodSense can help to set realistic marketing budgets appropriate to your stage and access to funding. We understand the challenges ahead and what it takes to convert your sales projections into money in the bank. We’ve learned some nifty shortcuts we’d be happy to share. Why take the long way when there’s a shortcut at hand!

We can help you develop an effective distribution strategy and identify resellers well positioned to push your product out there. Then help with onboarding and implementation. See our work with Deptiv and  Powerhouse Wind.

Thank You payroll

Thankyou Payroll

It all starts with a clear understanding of your target market and which segments to prioritise. We’ll help you understand the buying process – the different role of decision-makers, gate keepers, influencers, and champions – and work with you to co-create strategies appropriate to market penetration, revenue and profitability expectations. See how we helped Thankyou Payroll in planning a sales growth strategy.

As agile ‘full stack’ marketers we don’t just know how to develop effective marketing strategies and create brands your customers will love, we’ll implement your projects cost effectively too:

  • Get the design brief right for decisions around product packaging, and user interface – getting you off on the right foot while allowing room to manoeuvre and evolve.
  • Sales resources that ensure you look credible and can punch above your weight. For instance, the Kubernetes explainer video we developed for Catalyst Cloud and the summary of work we did with Vadacom – see the background to that alongside other tech tips.
  • Lead generation campaigns that attract interest from the right people.
  • Enhancing your brand reputation through strategic PR and media relations.
  • We’ll spare no effort to educate the market and communicate the product experience through brilliant videos, animations, and webinars.

Brand message development for Vadacom

Consider the pros and cons of alternative resourcing scenarios: in-house, outsource or a combination of the two?

Contact Jo Patterson at GoodSense, today. Let’s talk about what you need, for where you’re at and where you’re going. Let’s change the world!

Read more about the ways you can use us for your brand.

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Kath Dewar and Jo Patterson

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