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Learn online from the pros with the ‘Sustainable Marketing’ course

Sustainable business is making new demands on marketing. Get the insights and knowledge you need online now with the Sustainable Marketing online course:

  • Structured interactive content across 10-12 hours of learning, extensive extra resources and unlimited access for six months.
  • Study at your own pace whenever you want, wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Multi-choice tests, tutor-marked assessments and assignment feedback from sustainability marketing expert, Kath Dewar.
  • Only $695 NZD (+GST)

The course helps:

  • Advertising and marketing professionals get up to speed with the demands sustainability is making of business. Learn how to apply your creativity and communication skills to drive change, for the good of the brands you nurture and the customers you represent.
  • Sustainable business leaders understand how to make marketing work for you. Get new insights, skills and confidence to commission and manage marketing programmes.
Sustainable business leaders

The demand for more socially and environmentally responsible products and services is growing fast, but the old approaches of advertising and marketing can do more harm than good. The course is a practical re-evaluation of the 4Ps of marketing through a sustainability lens. It also challenges green marketing thinking with inspiration from new disciplines.

The course shows how we can use marketing to foster more sustainable business success and avoid greenwash. You will become better equipped to manage the risks and opportunities of sustainable marketing and explore the inherent tensions of marketing in a world that needs less ‘stuff’.

The course successfully trains marketers on how to adapt to the growing consumer and commercial concerns about sustainability, how to avoid the dreaded ‘greenwash’ and lead their brands to success. It also enables Sustainability Managers and CEOs to better manage the risks and opportunities of communicating social and environmental initiatives in their organisations.

How will the course be delivered?

Sustainable Marketing online is offered on any device with an internet connection and has been created using best practice approaches to deliver a high-quality eLearning experience:

  • Sustainable Marketing online includes a rich content narrative with hundreds of links to quality resources and a Sustainable Marketing reading list with online bookstore.
  • Each of the five modules includes a multiple-choice test to give participants feedback on their learning.
  • At the end of the course is a tutor-marked, short-form written assessment for each of the five modules.
  • The course is delivered using the award-winning, Course Genius elearning platform to optimize the online learning experience.

How can you benefit from this course?

Now marketers can rapidly equip themselves to operate and lead in the innovation and growth of business sustainability:

  • Be better able to assess how the demand for sustainability is impacting on your brand and business today.
  • Learn the fundamentals for building a future-proofed brand on shared social and environmental values an how to keep your brand safe from accusations of greenwash.
  • Gain a framework for incorporating sustainable marketing strategy in your organisation, a tool kit for implementation and the knowledge to succeed.
I buy on ethics, are you selling?

Hear what participants have to say about the course

“I found going through the Sustainable Marketing online course content fascinating and very enjoyable. The mix of research, case studies, videos and websites made it really engaging and gave me lots of different perspectives.”
Nick Jones,Research & Insights Manager – Strategy, People and Reputation, IAG NZ

“I’d highly recommend the Sustainable Marketing online course to anyone wanting to learn about both the “why” and “how” of authentic sustainability marketing. It’s full of interesting case studies from around the world, and a varied mix of up to date written, visual and video content.”
Fiona Stephenson, National Communications Manager, Sustainable Business Network

“The course was very insightful with the right mix of interaction and plenty of opportunities for reflection which is an essential to propel action, if we are to steer towards change.”
Shuzanah Abdeen, Education Quality Manager, NZ Marketing Association

“I was excited and amazed by the quality of the course. Kath does the basics really well but also challenges and stimulates you with real-world examples. It’s a very smart course.”
Stephen McKernon, owner, Supplejack service design, describing a face-to-face delivery of Sustainable Marketing.

“Very interesting course extremely valuable to all businesses large and small. Previously branding was the only form of differentiation, then came customer service as the new branding, now is the time for ‘net positive’ to become the only branding that matters.”
ArunMistry, Client Services Director, Digital Garden, Sydney

What you’ll learn with Sustainable Marketing Online

Within the course content you’ll find text, images, videos, puzzles and quick quizzes so you can test your own knowledge. The content links to over a hundred additional reference resources for your own use and optional extra study, and is constantly updated with new research, case studies and examples.

The five course modules cover:

Module 1. The context for change

  • Be better able to assess how the demand for sustainability is impacting on your brand and business today.
  • Improve your understanding of the new context for marketing and the major drivers of change.
  • Gain insights to customers’ ethical motives and the extent of the demand for sustainability.

The module reviews the history of sustainable and “green” marketing and examines the global evidence that consumers and business-to-business buyers are seeking more socially and environmentally responsible products and services.

Module 2. Marketing’s potential

  • Gain a framework for incorporating sustainable marketing strategy in your organisation.
  • Understand the critical success factors of best practice examples from around the world as a foundation for developing your own plans.
  • Gain a tool kit for stronger implementation of marketing in the new context of social and environmental concern.

This module reframes the marketing mix as a tool for marketing in the new era of customer concern about social and environmental impacts. It also introduces you to the more advanced John Grant model for Green Marketing. You will gain insights into examples of best practice from around the world and a planning framework you can deploy at work right away.

Module 3. Making your brand an epicentre of change

  • Learn the fundamentals for building a future-proofed brand on shared social and environmental values.
  • Gain insights from successful examples of brand reinvention and innovation based on sustainability, which you can implement in your own organization.

This module covers the key issues and opportunities in leveraging brand power for good. Discover how to build leadership and love through the ripples you create. This module explores the potential for brands to succeed through advocacy of sustainability or causes, moving beyond product and service promotion, to champion shared values, powered by online reach and social engagement.

Module 4. Marketing’s Responsibility

  • Learn how to keep your brand safe from accusations of greenwash.
  • Be better equipped to manage brand risk and opportunity in your organization.
  • Understand the compliance requirements for making environmental claims in your local market and how they compare internationally.

This module looks at the intent and nature of greenwash regulation and the importance of self-management. It examines the potential for brand and category damage from false and misleading claims, using varied examples. Understand the compliance and brand risks of greenwash and how to avoid it.

Module 5. Reinvention

  • Equip yourself as a marketer to play a leadership role in this growing wave of business innovation.
  • Be prepared for the radical challenge of “net positive impact” in which brands are expected to benefit society and the environment as well as customers and shareholders.

This module examines the emerging area of business operations with a net social and/or environmental impact. It looks at the role of marketers as companies move beyond reducing harm into enhancing the community and environmental conditions in which they operate. Become more prepared for the next wave of sustainability challenge – the move to net positive impacts.

Each module includes a tutor-marked assessment (short free-form text) and a marked, multiple-choice test to give you feedback on your learning. The course is delivered using the award-winning GuideTools elearning platform to optimise your learning online.

Sustainable Marketing Online was created by Kath Dewar in response to international demand. Kath is an award-winning British marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She held senior corporate marketing and agency roles before founding her own, values-based marketing business, GoodSense.

Now based in Aotearoa New Zealand, Kath contributes articles to CIM Exchange, taught green marketing for the Professional Development unit at the University of Auckland, lectured on green marketing as a guest to the AUT MBA programme and is a frequent speaker at sustainable business industry conferences and events.

Kath is the Course Director and lead online-tutor for the course. To find out more email

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