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Once you have a marketing or communications plan in place or have determined what is required for a special marketing project such as a new website we can either implement for you or coach you or a team member through the implementation process.

With our expert marketing coaching you or your staff member are responsible for implementation but enjoy the support of regular coaching meetings with GoodSense. These sessions address the gap or lag between the outcomes achieved and the milestones documented in the marketing plan.

Coaching meetings are usually face to face but sometimes phone, skype or emails provide a more workable alternative.

The marketing coaching sessions are usually held monthly or more frequently, then moving to quarterly as required.

In an initial meeting the goals of the programme and milestones are agreed. We might also identify particular areas for professional development and support.

A final meeting is held to review the progress made during the coaching programme, a ‘wash up’ list of outstanding items, and the need for any additional services or support in the future.

To budget allow up to $900+GST per coaching session, including preparation and action plans, depending on the scale and nature of the project and duration of the coaching programme. GoodSense is registered nationwide as a Regional Business Partner provider and qualifying companies may be eligible for co-funding of this coaching service under the capability voucher scheme.

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