Special Report for Healthpoint

In a nutshell – telling a health tech impact story

Having played a critical role in New Zealand’s Covid response, the founders of Healthpoint commissioned GoodSense to document how the breadth and depth of their services had grown in response to the pandemic.  To tell the story, GoodSense planned, undertook interviews, wrote and project managed the production of a 16-page Special Report, in print and digital formats, to make the scope of their significant impact clear.

What Healthpoint needed – content writing

Healthpoint are a social purpose IT provider to the health sector. Their directory played a critical role in New Zealand’s Covid-19 response, providing information for kiwis to choose testing and vaccination sites that suited their whānau or personal needs.  Record numbers of users were searching the Healthpoint directory.

During this time of heavier than ever usage, the team significantly increased the number and variety of service providers listed, and extended the functionality the directory gives users.

After the height of the pandemic, when the Healthpoint team could take stock of what they’d achieved, they realised the growth meant their service had become embedded as New Zealand’s trusted health services directory.

However the large number of discrete teams within the health sector and inside the Ministry of Health meant stakeholders only saw their small piece of the overall picture.  Very few people were aware of the breadth and depth of the service Healthpoint was providing. Or understood the critical unifying role the directory now played across the sector as the ‘single point of truth’.

It was time for Healthpoint to tell an updated story.  Having used GoodSense for a range of marketing projects in the last few years, including brand strategy and website, they commissioned GoodSense to prepare a Special Report.

Kiwis flocked to trusted national health services directory to fight the Delta outbreak

How GoodSense helped – interviews, article writing and project management

GoodSense workshopped the background and purpose for the Special Report with the Healthpoint team. We worked with them to agree the most important information to communicate and the impact they wanted the report to have. From this collaborative foundation, GoodSense developed a strategy for the Special Report with a clear content plan, based on a series of themed articles.

We developed a project plan for the copywriting and project management to ensure the Special Report was published ahead of the 2022 New Zealand Health IT Conference. 

We then booked time with, and interviewed 10 stakeholders who could talk about their experiences working with Healthpoint.  Our team are skilled at asking questions in ways that support people to share their stories. These interviews gave us the raw, original content from which we could craft the theme-based articles.

This unique user-generated content, the substance of personal experience and individual anecdotes, otherwise unrecorded, is what makes the report content compelling.  From this material, we then wrote the articles that together form the narrative of the report.

Once the articles were written and approved by Healthpoint, we then worked with the Healthpoint team’s preferred designers to turn the written content into the report format. We collaborated with the designers to create the visual content – the infographics and source photographs – to illustrate the text in the report. We project managed the design process and elements such as pull-quotes, so the presentation of the written content showcased the insights, making the report easy to skim-read as well as engage with more deeply.  The process from start to finish took only 10 weeks to complete.

What this has meant for Healthpoint

The GoodSense co-creation process made the best use of the Healthpoint team’s time.  The workshop was an efficient way for our client to share their knowledge with us and make key decisions.  The founders could then focus on the complex day-to-day demands of running their business, while GoodSense delivered the Special Report project.

We set up the interviews, talked to the stakeholders, wrote the content into articles and project managed the design for Healthpoint.

Healthpoint CEO, Kate Rhind

The founders’ time and attention was kept minimal throughout and only at key milestones.

The report pulled the information from founders and stakeholders together in one place, making it easy for the sector to understand the impact Healthpoint now has in keeping kiwis healthy. It showcases Healthpoint’s scope of work and highlighted their responsiveness and resilience during the pandemic health crisis.

In short, GoodSense made the production of a full colour 16-page Special Report easy.  The unique content, tells their impact story, through original articles illustrated with infographics, pull quotes and photographs, in digital and print formats.  Our approach enabled the Healthpoint team to share their story in a way that is compelling for their target audience.  The Special Report is an important snapshot in time of the impact a fast growing health IT provider is now having.

You can see more about Healthpoint here.


“ Thank you GoodSense for producing our beautiful Special Report. You did a genius job pulling it together so quickly. Everyone who has seen it has been impressed.  The hard copy is a real taonga for our team and for key clients.”

 Kate Rhind, CEO, Healthpoint


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