Onwardly: Helping birth a rising star in security 


In a nutshell

Onwardly is a new, rising star tech company making it easier for other tech companies to confidently and easily get their security sorted.  Founder Phil Howie contracted GoodSense to support him crystalise the value proposition and elevator pitch for the new business, shaping the brand and marketing strategy even before the code was all written.  

What was needed

Onwardly founder Phil Howie is a successful technologist and startup executive who partnered with security specialist Laura Bell to solve a problem he had encountered in former roles; managing security well in high growth small to medium tech companies. Ten months before Onwardly was launched, or much of the code written, Phil commissioned GoodSense to work with him to develop a brand and marketing communications strategy for the new company.   

How GoodSense helped

GoodSense worked with Phil to stress-test his thinking for the new brand and, with some partial funding from the Regional Business Partner Programme, through Auckland Unlimited, coached the founder through the development of a brand strategy, key messaging and marketing communications plan for pre-launch and go-live.  Coaching included how to run time-efficient, engaging email, blog and LinkedIn activity and ways to engage with journalists.


What this has meant for Onwardly

Having GoodSense bring additional end-user focus, in the pre-startup and go-live phase, helped Phil stay customer-centric in how Onwardly would be first perceived externally.  Talking through customer messaging and benefits even helped, at times, to inform the development priorities.  Engaging LinkedIn followers in the pre-launch process helped foster a supportive community and accelerate beta testing and early take-up.  Being able to confidently reach out to media helped Phil secure Stuff media coverage on day one.

Before the end of its first year trading, Onwardly was on track with customer sign-ups, had brought on several high net worth investors in a NZ$1m seed funding round to enable growth and further product development, and been named as one of three finalists in the Information Security Awards’ new business category.

“Developing your audience and messaging early on has been foundational for Onwardly, and continues to pay dividends. 

GoodSense helped me think about the angle a journalist might want to take in covering my business and that helped get the media coverage over the line. It’s been a pleasure working with GoodSense on this!”

Phil Howie, CEO and founder, Onwardly


Phil Howie, CEO and founder, Onwardly featured in Stuff

Phil Howie, CEO and founder, Onwardly featured in Stuff


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