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Re-brand for the Kaipātiki Project.

Kaipatiki branding

In a nutshell

GoodSense worked with environment community enterprise, the Kaipātiki Project to develop a bold new tagline and brand strategy and planned and project managed their new brand identity and website.  The vital impact this not-for-profit has in the Auckland region is being increasingly recognised and the organisation now has a brand and online presence to reflect this mana.

What was needed

The Kaipātiki Project’s success had out-stripped its brand identity and its website. The not-for-profit was positioned as being ‘the Environment Centre of the North Shore’, but that is just part of what the organisation, an environment community enterprise, does.  The staff and Directors wanted their marketing presence to reference their two key work streams, of fostering healthier eco-systems and living lightly on this planet.  And to reflect that in their work they treasure Mātauranga Māori and practice concepts of good stewardship:

  • sharing knowledge together, connecting community
  • through a range of easy, practical, fun activities
  • in their special place on the Oruamo and Kaipātiki streams
  • helping other communities to regenerate their own special places
  • and in homes and businesses support regeneration projects

The team wanted to look and feel more accessible and compelling to more people, to grow the impact of their work

How GoodSense helped

The re-branding process began with a collaborative strategic thinking process.  This included pre-work for the GoodSense team and the client followed by workshops with the Board and staff.  Through facilitating a structured brand strategy process we helped the team clarify and agree with the personality and values for the brand and the core ideas the tagline and brand messages needed to deliver.  GoodSense then developed the tagline and shared and explored it with the team, building approval.

Before (left) | After (right)

A second workshop mapped out what all the different internal and external website users would need from the new website design. We then drafted a site-map and basic wireframes for the site.

Once the brand strategy, tagline and web structure were agreed, we then briefed Black Sheep to develop the visuals for the new brand identity and the new website.  We are  design and development company agnostic and help clients appoint suppliers based on technical needs and ‘fit’.  We recommended Black Sheep because of their integrated approach to brand and digital design, their expertise in Silverstripe, their hands-on service and their shared values.


What this has meant for the Kaipātiki Project 

The new tagline, ‘Share in nature’s revival’, is a powerful invitation to be part of addressing the multiple crises of ecology and climate. ‘Share in’ suggests collective and individual benefit, communicating the human wellbeing impact the project has. The overall message is one of hope and action – fostering a joyous turnaround that is, demonstrably, underway in places, thanks to the Kaipātiki Project’s work in the last 21 years. The words are short, powerful, positive and vivid. They aim to inspire action. To change behaviour. The tagline is a step away from traditional conservation messaging which can be technical and problem-focused. The celebratory tone and plain words invite all Aucklanders to take part. It is a tagline crafted to invigorate people to act.

An effective tagline builds meaning into a brand, defining the organisation. It gives everyone a common way to describe what an organisation does in the world.  The catchiness of the tagline has been already reflected; local media coverage of the award picked up the phrase ‘nature’s revival’ in their reporting of the AGM.

The new logo the tagline accompanies is inspired by the Puawānanga (New Zealand Clematis)

New Zealand Clematis

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Kaipatiki rebrand

The Kaipātiki Project new brand identity was launched at the organisation’s 21st birthday and AGM in October 2019. Manager Janet Cole with Board Chair Charmaine Bailie and guest speaker Luke Wijohn from the School’s Climate Strike Aotearoa.

Opuawānanga is one of the original names for the North Shore and literally means ‘spring learning’ – a symbol of learning.  It reflects the Kaipātiki Project’s focus on enabling people to care for nature, and themselves, through practical activities and workshops, as well as the organisation’s physical place of origin.  The logo, therefore, represents integrated layers of place, experience, diversity, and continuous learning. The colours, drawn from the stems, anthers, petals, and leaves of the plant are bright and warm reflecting the positive energy of the brand and of regrowth.

The new design is brought to life across materials and throughout the new Kaipātiki Project website and their digital channels. With clear paths for website visitors to get involved and photographs showing people taking part in the revival of nature, the site is bright, easy to navigate and action focused.  The site gives the Kaipātiki Project team new freedom to create and update content and lets them more easily manage online the host of events, workshops and volunteer opportunities they organise.

Visit website here

“GoodSense helped us address the challenge, together, of what we wanted to say about ourselves as an organisation and our work. They gave us powerful words to express this. Their expert guidance and project management made the design and web project easy for our small team and ensured we got a beautiful result. We love our new brand and website and they really reflect our passion for what we do.”

Janet Cole, Manager, Kaipātiki Project

Kath Dewar at Kaipātiki event

Kath Dewar with Blanka Ros, Kaipātiki Project (left) and (right) Luke Wijohn, School Strike 4 Climate

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