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In a nutshell:

GoodSense helped New Zealand Red Cross develop messaging to promote their retail stores so the benefits of donating goods or shopping at the stores are more clearly understood. We worked with the National office team, retail staff and Red Cross’ design agency to create effective benefit messages for nationwide roll out.

What was needed:

While NZ Red Cross is well known in New Zealand, the retail network needed a better way to articulate how the stores contribute to the humanitarian activities of the organisation. The task was complicated by New Zealanders having a better understanding of Red Cross’ work internationally, than the range of community programmes here in Aotearoa.

How GoodSense helped:

Working with the Red Cross’ General Manager Social Enterprise, the National Marketing Manager, representatives from Retail management and Red Cross’ design agency, GoodSense ran a workshop-based communication planning process. This included participants completing pre-work to focus their thinking then collaborating to develop a shared view of audiences and message content. The process also aligned the umbrella brand with retail network brand attributes and clarified target audiences.

Following the workshop, GoodSense documented the decisions made and crafted messaging to communicate the content in an emotive and compelling way.

NZ Red Cross – retail messages:

Shop for good

  • When you give and shop at Red Cross stores you’re supporting New Zealand communities to get through the next flood or earthquake.
  • Decluttering is a relief for you – and helps us deliver our independent, international relief work.
  • Supporting Red Cross stores helps us train kiwi kids in first aid, deliver thousands of ‘Meals on Wheels’ every day – and be ready for you and yours the one day you might need us.


What this has meant for NZ Red Cross:

Red Cross now has clear and compelling messages for external and interior store signage and other retail promotional materials. These will help the stores stand out in the increasingly competitive second hand retail market, with the aim of attracting higher quality and quantity of donated goods and creating a strong ethical differentiator for customers. By having agreed, consistent messaging all communication items become more efficient to develop and the focused messages build increased impact. Clearer messaging and brand differentiation will help to support the retail team in building increased revenues from the shop network and in telling the Red Cross story in store; thereby supporting Red Cross’ work here in Aotearoa and overseas and enabling the organisation to do more good for vulnerable people.

“GoodSense helped us to clearly define the value proposition for our retail portfolio and develop our key messages. We now have a compelling and relevant retail story that will provide more impact and focus for our communications.”

Garth Dawson, General Manager Social Enterprise, New Zealand Red Cross


You can make a donation to support Red Cross work in Aotearoa and overseas online here.

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