Puketāpapa Community Driving School

In a nutshell

Social Enterprise cuts the clutter to build a stronger brand.

GoodSense was able to help the Puketāpapa Community Driving School create a marketing plan to focus on key audience segments, and strengthen their brand and social media strategy. This resulted in an updated website, improved social media management & media coverage on Breakfast TVNZ.

What was needed

Puketāpapa Community Driving School (PCDS) aims to build confident communities by providing driving lessons to refugees and migrants. Run mainly by volunteers committed to maximizing social impact, the driving school needed to increase the number of unsubsidized customers paying the full rate for driving lessons and associated services. This meant improving awareness of the brand making it easy for customers to find & book through their website.

As a small Social Enterprise with limited resources, a slow and steady approach was advised with priority given to producing high-quality marketing collateral and improving the website to convey the unique selling proposition to potential customers and referrers.

It was important marketing could be implemented without requiring additional marketing resource.

How GoodSense helped

GoodSense assessed PCDS’s current marketing & communication activity and worked with PCDS General Manager Aime Maga and the PCDS team through a collaborative process which involved a marketing workshop aimed at improving the brand image through its website & social channels.

The marketing planning workshop was facilitated by GoodSense Director Jo Patterson. Following the workshop, the marketing plan was documented and presented in draft form to PCDS to consider. The plan was tweaked to incorporate feedback from PCDS.  Coaching and hands-on training was provided for the team at PCDS responsible for website design and social media strategy. This was delivered by GoodSense team member Ayesha Asif, a digital media specialist.

PCDS Coaching

In house training conducted for the PCDS team by Ayesha Asif

What this has meant for Puketāpapa Community Driving School

Amie & the team have been more effective at reaching out to new clients while also maximizing engagement with current customers. Newly developed collateral has been distributed which boosted brand awareness, clearly communicating the brand’s strong social impact and highlighting the different ways to connect with PCDS for booking driving lessons. The renewed focus on the website and sharing more strategic content resulted in more efficient social media management and increased audience engagement.

The planning workshops helped the team understand each market segment better. As a result, PCDS have now run the school more efficiently, with ongoing community and volunteer support. This also contributed to the team securing media coverage by Breakfast TVNZ.


Amie Maga (right), Project Manager, Puketāpapa Community Driving School on TVNZ Breakfast with Amna, a refugee who got her restricted driving licence.

“GoodSense was able to help the PCDS team rethink how it approached communications and its channels. Beginning with an audit of what PCDS has been doing, GoodSense was helpful in developing powerful recommendations to cut the clutter in communications and to streamline the marketing and customer journey.”

– Amie Maga, Project Manager, Puketāpapa Community Driving School (PCDS)

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