Raw Essentials

GoodSense used a TetraMap® learning programme to help Raw Essentials' growing team improve how they understand each other and communicate. The programme is delivering lasting results.

In a nutshell:

GoodSense used a TetraMap® learning programme to help Raw Essentials’ growing team improve how they understand each other and communicate. The programme is delivering lasting results.

What was needed:

Raw Essentials is a rapidly growing business with 9 stores across Auckland and Hamilton and an innovative raw pet food brand. The Raw Essentials team wanted to create stronger internal communications, build team bonds and improve overall service skill levels.

How GoodSense helped:

Good Sense identified a TetraMap® starter programme would deliver the desired outcomes. We were then able to support Raw Essentials’ approach to ATEED for government capability voucher co-funding for the programme. The GoodSense TetraMap® starter programme is approved for up to 50% funding to qualifying companies under the NZTE Regional Business Partner Network programme.

The Raw Essentials TetraMap® starter programme involved two stages of delivery:

Firstly: A workshop with 40 Raw Essentials staff, using workbooks and other learning materials and including break out groups and lots of laughter! All participants got an e-book afterwards to help reinforce the learning.

Secondly: A follow up debrief meeting where team leaders could reflect on their experiences, discuss any issues with the GoodSense team, reinforce their own insights and share how they were finding the learning practically, day to day.

Insights for Raw Essentials included a new appreciation of the team’s strengths and a new sense of how to communicate effectively with each other and with customers. 

The Earth team deep in thought.

What this has meant for Raw Essentials:

In the debrief, the team shared examples of how they were already using the approaches learned in their day to day work. Participants had shared their new knowledge with the few colleagues who had been unable to attend the workshop, embedding the learning for themselves and in the organisation.

The team had already embraced the TetraMap® elements as a non-threatening way to talk about different behaviour styles. This shared language can reduce conflict and workplace stress. As well as giving new insights into how customers can differ from us individually and from the company’s dominant internal culture.

“Jo and Kath delivered the workshop in a way that really helped us understand our own behaviour preferences and those of our colleagues. The delivery was spot on and GoodSense provided great interactive learning materials, including workbooks, for all participants. The session was fun and effective.

One of the things I liked best about it was how it gave us a shared language for how we talk about behaviour and communication in the team. This meant we could put the learnings to work in our stores and office straight away.

One of my own biggest challenges is delegating and asking for help. I tend to feel like I should be able to perform all my tasks on my own. The TetraMap® session had a twofold effect on this: It allowed me to feel confident identifying and verbalising tasks that I feel less competent at; and it gave me the chance to ‘map’ the strengths in my colleagues, so that I know who to approach for help. To use the TetraMap® elements, the very next day after the workshop I borrowed some ‘air’ from a co-worker to balance out some of my ‘fire’!” – 

Anna Mair, General Jack-of-all, Raw Essentials


Raw Essentials will in future be able to have their own trainers upskilled to deliver TetraMap® to new starters or call on GoodSense to refresh or extend the programme.

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