Distribution strategy

In a nutshell:

GoodSense undertook a strategic review of marketing activity and sales channel performance for eHaus. We then worked with the client to co-create a new, clear channel strategy for the next stage of growth.

What was needed:

eHaus is an established and growing business and the leading provider of PassivHaus expertise in New Zealand.  The Directors of the 6 year old business were keen for an independent external assessment of their marketing and channel strategies and an evaluation of their effectiveness.  There was a strong sense change was needed but the team wanted help to clarify what changes to make.

How GoodSense helped

Introduced to eHaus through the Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) part of the Business Partner Network, GoodSense brought marketing expertise and experience in working in the energy efficiency and building sectors.  Our familiarity with the core issues of PassivHaus design and knowledge of the market and customer drivers helped us be more effective from the start.

The process with eHaus began with GoodSense undertaking a substantial review and evaluation of their marketing activity. This was followed by a collaborative workshop with the team to understand sales channel issues, priorities and concerns.  The shared insights gained in the workshop enabled us to develop and agree with eHaus a new strategic approach to working with sales and supply channel partners.  The outputs included clear recommendations for implementation eHaus have been able to run with in the business themselves.

What this has meant for eHaus

The structured approach to evaluating sales channel performance and recommending alternatives meant eHaus were able to make decisions about change with a high degree of comfort. The process also helped eHaus think in fresh strategic ways about their business, a development that continues to bring commercial rewards.

The implementation of the recommendations from the process delivered business returns in a very short space of time and continue to prove successful for the business. The changes are contributing significantly to growth, enabling more people to access healthier, passive energy homes.

“We found the experience invaluable and came away with an excellent document outlining recommendations for implementation.  We have worked through these recommendations and have seen the value already of these changes.   If anyone is serious about the future relevance and sustainability of their business, we recommend undertaking this valuable process.  Kath and the team are great to work with and are very professional”.  – Glenda Brown Director, eHaus