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mmWritten by:12 September 2016

Update: We have conducted a hands on review of New World’s Little Garden collectibles range – watch our short video to see why we rated their new range 3.5 stars out of a possible 5.

Image of child with New World Little Shop Collectibles

New World Little Shop Collectibles

Last August we were in the Dominion Post/Stuff critiquing the Little Shop sales promotion campaigns run by New World supermarkets. We were concerned at the waste, dubious packaged goods featured and the brand-hungry consumerism the promotion cultivated in our children. As well as the pressures such pester power campaigns put on parents. The piece followed our commentary on the broader issue on TV One News in 2014 and an earlier StopPress article.


Image of New World Little Garden collectibles

New World Little Garden

So we are extremely happy to discover New World have turned over a new leaf and taken collectibles on a much more responsible path with their Little Garden promotion. Designed to get kids growing food, which we know encourages healthier eating by them and their families, the promotion has worked hard to avoid plastic in its packaging and to encourage positive values.


Positive Twitter Stream New World Collectibles

Twitter support for #LittleGardenNZ

It seems the marketing team have cottoned on to the larger sustainable business agenda at New World that has been picking up accolades, including award winning waste reduction innovation. Applause from us.

Here’s what we said to Stop Press when they called us for a comment.

Kath Dewar, MD of GoodSense.


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