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GoodSense team member Kylie Bailey will be sharing her social media expertise at the NZ Social Media Forum in July 2018.

A specialist in creative conversations for the digital age with a reputation for customer-focused content strategies, Kylie is a well-known journalist and content editor who has experience in developing digital product. Fusing story-telling skills and communication strategies she has enjoyed a successful, high-profile career as an editor, general manager and communications professional.  Before joining the GoodSense team, Kylie spearheaded the editorial and commercial success of magazine titles, such as Woman’s Day, and digital platforms, such as Localist. Kylie is the co-founder of health and wellness platform Good For You TV.

Kylie will be delivering a masterclass on writing engaging content that can be promoted across platforms.

The #NZSOMO event will feature presentations on navigating the changes and updates across social media platforms, revolutionising social media marketing using AI,  the year of the (smart) chat bots, using social to generate lead acquisition – moving from social to email marketing to increase your sales conversions/ROI, and producing video for social media.   Get to know the speakers here  and register via NZSOMO here

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