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mmWritten by:18 February 2020

We recently ran a ‘Sustainability Is Your Business’ workshop at the ATEED Regional Business Providers event at Te Manawa in Auckland.  GoodSensers Kylie Bailey and Karen Short delivered the workshop and received some great feedback from the service providers.

Kylie Bailey

Kylie Bailey delivering the business sustainability workshop for ATEED

Ready to take the next step in developing sustainability in your business and for your clients? Here are five useful tools you can access that will support your journey.

  1. Start with this basic checklist from the New Zealand Government
  2. Try Future-Fit Business to support your clients to embed sustainability into their business. This is a comprehensive free tool to guide you
  3. To upskill in sustainable marketing and communications, check out GoodSense founder Kath Dewar’s online course in Marketing and Sustainability 
  4. To connect with other businesses on this journey and get support from a membership organisation, check out Sustainable Business Network – 
  5. To do better by people, use innovative directories, such as Rainbow Directory, to connect your clients to LGBT+ friendly businesses and services.

Find out more about how we can help your business with marketing sustainability.

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