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Define a brand that soars without getting burned

In May 2017, Kath Dewar ran a members-only webinar for the Sustainable Business Network on how to define a brand that soars without getting burned.

In the webinar she discussed the key steps to build your brand and the sustainability benefits in an inspiring and authentic way. Effective messages reach more people – internally and externally.

Those who attended the webinar got practical ‘How To’ tips on crafting your own brand message and successful examples. The common risks of greenwash were also discussed and how to avoid your brand getting burned.

GoodSense developed a short How To guide for participants. If you would like access to the ‘How To’ guide, please complete the registration form below. And if you ‘d like to talk about marketing sustainability for your organisation and how to avoid getting burned, contact Kath Dewar today. We’re always happy to share our expertise.


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