Say it like it is – our 3 golden rules

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Since 2013’s Fit for the Future conference, we’ve been championing the power of being outspoken.

Here’s two recent examples followed by our 3 golden rules:

  • GoodSense client Deptive used a blog (screenshot below right) to confront the common
    Screenshot from Deptive blog

    The power of being outspoken – screen shot from Deptive blog

    reasons people ‘hate Citrix’ – the platform Deptive use to deliver freedom through their virtual-desktop technology. By addressing, rather than hiding, perceived negatives Deptive earned respect and new fans. The combination of candid, relevant content and powerful language drove brand engagement and respect, building the brand.

  • In early December ’15, GoodSense tweeted about the irony of Idealog’s 10th birthday edition featuring a minority of women, even as one of them, Anna Guenther, critiqued the glacial progress of gender equality. Idealog took our point, Anna’s crowd chipped in and there is now an online summary of over 500 inspiring NZ women business leaders for media.
    Rachel Brown CEO Sustainable Business Network

    Rachel Brown CEO, SBN NZI Awards 24 Nov 2015

Idealog are running more womens’ responses to the 10th birthday feature – including GoodSense clients SBN’s CEO Rachel Brown with more to come (thanks wāhine!) and me chipping in.

If you know your topic well and operate robustly and ethically you can achieve good things for your business by speaking out.

Our three golden rules are:
1. Have your own house in order first
2. Know your facts and cite third party evidence
3. Be respectful and kind – tackle the topic not individuals

If you’re itching to have a say, give us a ring for more on the marketing dos and don’ts.

Kath Dewar

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