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CLIENT WORK, MARKETING SOFTWARE AND TECHNOLOGY Social impact – Sunday spotlights Woven Earth

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mmWritten by:27 November 2023

The 22nd Oct 2023 edition of Sunday magazine, distributed nationwide with the Sunday Star Times, included this double page spread article about the incredible work by Woven Earth to support families harmed by domestic violence.

We’re grateful to journalist Kylie Klein Nixon, the photographer and the editorial team at Sunday for doing such a great job showcasing how Woven Earth cocoon families who have fled domestic violence with new dignity.

Woven Earth, a registered charity who received funding to work with GoodSense, turns empty houses into homes. By securing donations of items and funds to equip each house, tailored to what each family needs and loves, Woven Earth helps families to feel valued and get back on their feet faster.

You can find out more about the massively important work Woven Earth does here – any support you can offer is very much needed. You can support journalism like this by subscribing to the Sunday Star Times.

To find out more about media relations for impact please get in touch with us at GoodSense.

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