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mmWritten by:21 May 2020

Five useful tools for starting a sustainability journey

As businesses we are part of the economy but that places us within the greater context of our society and our natural environment, on which we all depend.

Shows economy as subset of society and environmentSustainability is about reflecting this reality in how we operate and trade – businesses that do right by nature and people are more resilient economically too.

Ready to take the next step in developing sustainability in your business? Here are five useful tools you can access that will support your journey.

  1. Start with this basic checklist from the New Zealand Government
  2. To connect with other businesses on this journey, access practical tools and resources and get support from a membership organisation, check out Sustainable Business Network 
  3. Try Future-Fit Business . This is a comprehensive free tool can guide you in reviewing impact and creating systems to plan and manage change.
  4. To do better by people, use innovative directories, such as Rainbow Directory, to connect to LGBT+ friendly businesses and services.
  5. To upskill in marketing and communications of sustainability, check out GoodSense founder Kath Dewar’s online course in Marketing and Sustainability  or talk to us about our services to support clients to plan and tell their stories effectively.

GoodSense team membersIf you want more detail on New Zealander’s attitudes to environmental and social responsibility the Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report 2020 provides a useful snapshot you can download here.

Find out more about how we can help your business with marketing sustainability.

Access our five-point star fish tips on getting started with marketing your sustainability here.

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