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mmWritten by:29 May 2023

Interview with the Sustainable Business Council, The University of Otago and GoodSense

On 6th April 2023, Stuff explored the state of business climate action in Aotearoa. The article by Climate Reporter Olivia Hannan featured interviews with Sustainable Business Council Executive Director, Mike Burrell, University of Otago  business sustainability expert Dr Sara Walton and GoodSense MD Kath Dewar.

The interviews included trends in climate action businesses are taking, the importance of certainty from political leaders and the importance of making first steps easy for businesses.

In the article, Burrell is concerned business leaders and the Government have missed how fast international markets are changing “Investors are funding clean energy and tech “at a pace we’ve never seen”,” and highlights green rules increasingly featuring in international trade agreements.

Walton says “When it comes to transitioning to lower-carbon business models, medium-sized businesses in particular have shown leadership”.

Dewar says “By communicating goals and progress, firms motivate others to follow suit, whether that’s through inspiration or competition. “The more we can tell our good stories, the more we all support a rising tide.””

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