Kiwi consumers are voting with our wallets

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In October, Kath Dewar was interviewed by Fairfax Business Journalist Madison Reidy about public purchasing behaviour and business responsibility.  The interview, covering environmental and social impacts, appeared on Stuff, October 6 2017.

In the week Air NZ released its annual sustainability report, with ambitious plans, Kath highlighted how shoppers are increasingly favouring companies that claim they benefit society and the environment.


Kath also had this to say:

“It is a major significant commercial trend. People want to understand that the food in their mouths and the clothes on their back are ideally doing good for environment.”

“The smart ones [business leaders] realise investments that reduce the cost of operations, and create a good story to tell, will be the businesses that survive in the future.”

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to sit on the fence with this [taking a stand for or against the environment].”


Kath also warned readers to beware of “green wash” marketing – companies making exaggerated or misleading claims.

You can read the full article here or contact us to find out more about avoiding greenwash and telling good sustainability stories.


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Kath Dewar, MD of GoodSense.

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