Renewables in Ōtepoti – marketing climate action


Albatross (image credit: Tony Dunn)

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mmWritten by:2 November 2016

Sometimes the best work happens out of the main centres.  With the good fortune to be in Otago at the end of October, I got to work face-to-face with two ground-breaking Dunedin-based organisations we mainly work with remotely – Powerhouse Wind and Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust.

A Thinair turbine from Powerhouse Wind over Blueskin Bay, Otago

A Thinair turbine from Powerhouse Wind over Blueskin Bay, Otago, where the Blueskin Bay Resilient Communities Trust operates.

Both crowd-funded tech start up Powerhouse Wind and the Blueskin Trust are working to help shift us all from relying on coal power from Huntly to a more climate-friendly energy footing.

This image shows one of the ground-breaking ThinAir turbines from Powerhouse Wind at a private home above beautiful Blueskin Bay, where the Trust operates.

With the Paris Climate Agreement now ratified by New Zealand and the NZ Superfund newly committed to corporate disclosure of climate harm, it’s time for every business to ask what it needs to tell customers, staff and stakeholders about their climate action – or lack of it.

I’m glad I was able to make the most of the climate damage my flight to Ōtepoti / Dunedin did by helping Powerhouse Wind and the Blueskin Trust while I was in town.  It was a powerful reminder of how decisions we all make every day help minimise climate savagery or make it worse.  If you’d like to talk about your own organisation’s role in limiting climate change and how to avoid greenwash when you promote it, just give me a call.


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