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mmWritten by:2 July 2015

What is ‘native’?

Featured image: NZ Native Tieke (saddleback). Image credit: Tony Dunn

A new form of promotion has emerged in the last year or so, called Native Advertising. It is a way for brands to sponsor the creation of an editorial section of a website, newspaper or magazine. The brand gets associated with the content theme of the section, the editor gets to retain editorial freedom over content and the publisher gets a new revenue stream.


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As this and this article on the Marketing Association website show, the tactic has some challenges – mainly around maintaining reader confidence in the impartiality of what they are reading. But the approach can be used as part of a content marketing strategy for brands to build positive associations.

We recently helped Energy Alternatives and Element (NZ Herald) with their Native advertising series on energy efficiency.

Element Native advertising July 2014

Element Native advertising July 2014

Meanwhile in the UK, Philips have a native relationship with the Guardian in which they sponsor editorial about the ‘circular economy’ – like this article that challenges the practice of planned obsolescence for consumer electronics. This positions Philips, as advocates of a smarter, cleaner electronics sector in the public mind and reinforces their own sustainability initiatives. You can see how the Guardian describes its types of content here.

Philips sponsored content

Philips sponsored content

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