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mmWritten by:27 January 2015

The NZ Marketing Association, the Sustainable Business Network and GoodSense Learning are launching what is thought to be the world’s first online professional course in Sustainable Marketing.

The course will train marketers how to adapt to the growing consumer and commercial concerns about sustainability, how to avoid the dreaded ‘greenwash’ and lead their brands to success. Sustainable Marketing Online will also enable Sustainability Managers and CEOs to better manage the risks and opportunities of communicating social and environmental initiatives in their organisations.

The Marketing Association is launching the course because, as CEO Michael Pryor says, it believes sustainable marketing is “business critical”. “Consumers’ expectations of brands are changing. We are holding business to a higher standard than ever before. For marketers to better connect with their customers and this growing trend the Sustainable Marketing Online course is a must,” says Pryor.

Sustainable Business Network CEO shares the Marketing Association’s concern that marketers understand the changes taking place. “Sustainability issues are fast becoming mainstream and are becoming harder for businesses to ignore,” says Rachel Brown, CEO of the Sustainable Business Network. “So to get ahead, it’s important for your business to tell its sustainability story, and to tell it well. The Sustainable Marketing Online course will help CEOs, sustainability managers and marketers do that.” The course, studied online on-demand, will allow participants to better assess how the demand for sustainability is impacting on their business and the fundamentals for building a future-proofed brand.

Find out more or choose how to sign up here.

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