Are you using Other People’s Networks?


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MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS Are you using Other People’s Networks?

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mmWritten by:29 May 2016

While it’s important – if demanding – for businesses to create content for their own website, enews and social media posts, those stories can often just end up reaching the same people. The traditional way to reach new audiences has been through advertising. But the internet’s unquenchable thirst for new content creates exciting new opportunities to access Other People’s Networks (sometimes abbreviated as OPN).

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Use online platforms to share your stories

Business owners and managers with exciting stories or useful experience to share can often find online platforms that want to carry their stories. The platforms see your content as valuable so won’t charge you. The platforms rarely have budget to pay for content but if you can write it – or get help from someone who can (like us, hint hint!) then they can help you spread the word very effectively across their networks.

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ThinAir turbine from Powerhouse Wind


We recently supported Powerhouse Wind to tell the story on the Pure Advantage website. This got the story of their ThinAir turbine and its potential to help NZ meet its climate change targets in front of thousands of influential new people.

This content also gets extra credibility from readers because they see the role Other People are playing in telling your story.


Kath Dewar

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Kath Dewar, MD of GoodSense.

The GoodSense team has the expertise at our fingertips to help your business reach out to new markets and potential clients, by creating marketing content to share on Other People’s Networks.

If you’d like a confidential discussion about how GoodSense marketing can help your business call Kath on 09 973 0960 or email us.

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