TetraMap Certified! Congrats Kylie! Using the power of difference in teams


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CLIENT WORK, GOODSENSE NEWS TetraMap Certified! Congrats Kylie! Using the power of difference in teams

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mmWritten by:5 February 2020

TetraMap Certified

TetraMap is a globally proven learning model designed to grow everyone’s potential. The wisdom of nature and the universal knowledge that people learn from metaphors underpins their approach.  TetraMap will equip your team to communicate better and improve within your organisation. We use TetraMap for their practical, ground-breaking, NZ-designed approach to help transform team performances.

Team member Kylie Bailey recently gained her TetraMap certification and has been using her new skills daily to facilitate workshops and deliver effective coaching sessions.

“In August 2019, I was given the gift of becoming a TetraMap facilitator, thanks to GoodSense. I was familiar with TetraMap as part of the work I do with this

Image of Kylie Bailey

Kylie Bailey

organisation, having been coached on how to use it internally by owners Kath Dewar and Jo Patterson, as well as how to apply it to coach clients to successful marketing and communications outcomes.

However, participating in the certification course and becoming a facilitator has really unlocked a much deeper understanding of how to harness the potential of diversity for radical collaboration.

As part of my work with GoodSense, I regularly coach clients and becoming a TetraMap facilitator has literally provided a whole new awakening. Almost every day, I have my workbook open at the TetraPath of Learning on my desk and use this process to facilitate co-creation workshops and deliver effective coaching sessions.

I have also noticed that, since becoming a TetraMap facilitator, interpersonal relationships I once found challenging, feel like they can now be navigated with a newfound ease.”

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