The SBN’s 2016 conference #authenticbusiness

Ethical marketing Green marketing Marketing effectiveness SBN Conference Social and Environmental ethics

Ethical marketing, Green marketing, Marketing effectiveness, SBN Conference, Social and Environmental ethics The SBN’s 2016 conference #authenticbusiness

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A collection of our favourite quotes from presenters and participants at the Sustainable Business Network’s 2016 Conference, #authenticbusiness.

“Human nature is wired to help us succeed in sustainability” Niki Harre

Image of Niki Harre #authenticbusiness

Niki Harre at SBN conference

“I post raw emotions when I’m climbing cos no one’s going to tell me to harden up!” Dave of @Sea2Summit7 talking about mental health, values and communication.

“How well can you connect imagination and practice? Can you lovingly do this with the networks of others?” Niki Harre


Image of Blunt Umbrella team at #authenticbusiness

Blunt Umbrellas

“Let’s throw away the throw away culture” Blunt umbrellas.

“Standards beat company values, standards can be raised whereas values are static” Rory Chacko



Sustainability is becoming essential in business – from the underlying purpose, through the supply chain, to marketing and the end customer.  I loved the chance to work with Dean Easterbrook of Borderless, Andy Kenworthy of SBN, Josh Page of Blunt Umbrellas and Lucy Kebbell of Commonsense Organics (pictured L to R in picture at top) in the workshop, to explore the role of media and message selection in telling green brand stories.

We’re looking forward to next year’s Sustainable Business Conference already!

Kath Dewar, MD Goodsense


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