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I name you…

Names have power. Through the mythology of many cultures, knowing the true name of someone, or...

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Client work Consumer trends in sustainability GoodSense news SBN SBN Conference

SBN Awards

GoodSense found ourselves at the heart of the most exciting sustainable business event of the year...

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Client work Content marketing Marketing effectiveness Messaging Sustainable Marketing Course Tips and how tos

GoodSense marketing workshop a success

The Akina Foundation, in partnership with GoodSense, hosted a workshop on marketing for Social...

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Social and Environmental ethics

Art in Asia

Our very own GoodSenser Natalie Guy was awarded the inaugural 2017 Asia New Zealand Foundation......

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Consumer trends in sustainability Green marketing Marketing effectiveness Messaging Social and Environmental ethics

We dig it – but only a bit more

Update 2017: Upgraded GoodSense rating for New World’s Little Garden We’re delighted Little...

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CIO Summit Client work GoodSense news Marketing and IT departments Marketing effectiveness Marketing software and technology

CIOs sorted at Summit

CIO Summit This is the first time Deptive participated at the CIO Summit. GoodSense helped them...

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Client work GoodSense news

New look and messaging for STACK – online and off

STACK create workplace design brilliance for their clients.  I guess this means we shouldn’t...

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Marketing effectiveness Tips and how tos Uncategorised Website marketing

You have a new website – so now what?

Tips and priorities for new website marketing Your new website is stunning and as bright as fresh...

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Advertising Ethical marketing Social and Environmental ethics Sustainability

Opinion: Genesis Flybuys an ethical fail

With over half their power generated from burning coal and gas, Genesis Energy’s new Fly Buys...

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Green marketing Greenwash Marketing effectiveness Messaging

Marketing sustainability without greenwash

Define a brand that soars without getting burned In May 2017, Kath Dewar ran a members-only...

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Imageof wind turbines

Social and Environmental ethics

We signed up for the climate – will you?

We’re proud to be one of 60 signatories on an open letter to the New Zealand Government on...

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Kath Dewar speaking at Fit for the Future conference, 2013

GoodSense news Marketing effectiveness Messaging

Whanganui workshop this week – free – Write persuasive messages

Friday 24 February, 1:00pm – 3:00pm at Ladies Rest, 75 Hill Street, Whanganui Join me, Kath...

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Go Live – Phone, camera, action!

Over winter, I experimented with the live video feed functions in Facebook and Twitter. Both social...

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Albatross (image credit: Tony Dunn)


Renewables in Ōtepoti – marketing climate action

Every business needs to be taking climate action and talking about it without greenwash. Marketing...

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Ethical marketing Green marketing Marketing effectiveness SBN Conference Social and Environmental ethics

The SBN’s 2016 conference #authenticbusiness

A collection of our favourite quotes from presenters and participants at the Sustainable Business...

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Ruby and the Blue Sky author Katherine Dewar

Content marketing GoodSense news Green marketing Marketing effectiveness

Scaling the summit of content marketing

It’s now easier than ever to climb the content marketing peak of book self-publishing. Newly...

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Image of speech bubbles and arrows to illustrate marketing sustainability


International leadership on marketing sustainability

GoodSense was recently invited to contribute content for the UK-based Chartered Institute of...

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Image of a network

Marketing effectiveness

Are you using Other People’s Networks?

While it’s important – if demanding – for businesses to create their own online content,...

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Kath Dewar speaking at Fit for the Future conference, 2013

Consumer trends in sustainability Ethical marketing GoodSense news Messaging Uncategorized

Say it like it is – our 3 golden rules

Since 2013's Fit for the Future conference, we’ve been championing the power of being...

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Introducing Jo Patterson

GoodSense news Marketing software and technology

GoodSense gets in behind NZ Software

We’re stoked to announce GoodSense co-owner and Director Jo Patterson has been appointed to...

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GoodSense news Innovation

GoodSense speaks up, December 2015

We’ve been delighted to help the team at Tangible Media celebrate 10 years championing...

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Client work Uncategorised

Looking good – and doing the sales

Our clients Energy TS showcased their powerful software for reducing energy and CO2 at the new...

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Marketing effectiveness Marketing software and technology

Rick’s top 5 tech-marketing picks

For IT and services companies, where the product is intangible, the promotion has to carry a heavy...

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Ethical marketing GoodSense news SBN Conference

The Sustainable Business Network Conference, September 2015

GoodSense Managing Director, Kath Dewar, will be running a masterclass on communicating...

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Ethical marketing GoodSense news Sustainability

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

On 26th August 2015, Kath Dewar will deliver a presentation at the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce....

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Image of umbrellas

Social and Environmental ethics Sustainability


On the 6th of August, Idealog published a piece on Corporate Responsibility. It focused on the...

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CIO Summit Marketing and IT departments

Its been 14 years and they’re still not talking

I recently got a dizzying flashback to the days when digital marketing was all emails, databases,...

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GoodSense news Green marketing

Words count!

If this heading read 'Language is important' it would have meant the same thing but taken more...

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Advertising GoodSense news Native Advertising

Native Advertising

What is 'native'?

A new form of promotion has emerged in the last year or so, called...

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Image of burger king kids meals

Consumer trends in sustainability Ethical marketing Social and Environmental ethics

Burger King pulls toys from kids meal

Burger King has become the first burger chain in New Zealand to not only cut toys from its...

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GoodSense Do

Say it more effectively!

The target of your communications probably doesn’t react to them the way you would. They...

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Consumer trends in sustainability Content marketing Green marketing Greenwash Sustainable Marketing Course

Online Sustainable Marketing course

The NZ Marketing Association, the Sustainable Business Network and GoodSense Learning are launching...

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Image of a windmill

GoodSense news SBN Sustainability

GoodSense in NZI Connect

September 2014. In their latest edition, NZI Connect featured The Sustainable Business Directory...

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GoodSense news

GoodSense quoted on data privacy

On the 20th of September 2014, the New Zealand Herald wrote an article about data privacy, quoting...

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Green marketing

The Infinite Game for Marketers

14 August 2014 At the most recent green marketing networking drinks event organised for the Green...

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Consumer trends in sustainability Social and Environmental ethics

Scrubbing up grubby brands and clean slate competition

At June’s Executive Marketing breakfast, innovation maestro, Stefan Preston showcased US...

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Countdown DreamWorks character cards One News Social and Environmental ethics

One News, Sunday 15th June 2014

"I'd like my child to be a child, rather than a consumer, thanks." - The stings in the tail of...

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SBN logo

Green marketing SBN

Green marketing Q & A with the SBN

3rd June 2014 Hear Kath Dewar, GoodSense Managing Director, talk about delivering good green...

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Conferenz Conferenz CEO Summit

C+ effort for women speakers

Why I'm giving Conferenz a C+ effort to fix gender fail

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Sustainable Business Network Directory launch

8th May 2014 On the 8th of May 2014, GoodSense was invited to be a part of Sustainable Business...

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Green marketing

Three top good green marketing strategies

Fit For Future 2013 On 21st November 2013, Kath Dewar, GoodSense CEO, presented as part of the Fit...

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Green marketing SBN Conference

Transforming Business Conference 2013, SBN

Mega-Efficiency - Consumer Perspectives

On 4th September 2013,

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'Ethical Choice' label Dole Bananas Greenwash

Dole – too little too late?

By Kath Dewar, GoodSense MD, 29th May 2013

This morning, on

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Green marketing Greenwash

Claims seen as greenwashing

May 2013, Chartered Institute Magazine “Social responsibility claims, by businesses amount to...

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Green marketing

Tui takes a stand

Spotted late 2012 in Taranaki, NZ: Tui beer takes a stand against fracking with their latest 'yeah...

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Advertising Standards Authority Green marketing Greenwash Social and Environmental ethics

ASA rules foul on ‘eco-friendly’

The Feb 2012 ASA decision against CRC clarifies ‘environmentally friendly’ can only be...

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Green marketing Greenwash Shell Oil

Green marketing or greenwash?

What are Shell Oil trying to achieve in this sponsorship of the zero-waste rubbish sorting bins at...

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